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Paris Hilton
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That’s hot! Paris Hilton is releasing a memoir

The upcoming memoir promises to give a ‘searingly honest and deeply personal’ look at the heiress’ personal life

Paris Hilton has been keeping busy. Last month, the showbiz mogul announced her return to reality television with a new series tentatively titled Paris in Love. Now, she is releasing a memoir that promises to give a “searingly honest and deeply personal” look at her personal life and shifting public persona.

Back in 2004, Hilton released Confessions of an Heiress, a tongue-in-cheek collection of thoughts on everything from the importance of low-rise jeans to why we should wear tiaras more often.

The upcoming memoir, in contrast, promises to show a more vulnerable side to the star, including the making of her 2020 documentary, This is Paris, which offered a rare glimpse of the real Hilton, such as her relationships, her sex tape leak, and the abusive treatment of students at Provo Canyon boarding school.

Over the past few years, Hilton has been shaking off the ditzy heiress image that was depicted across The Simple Life, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, and The World According to Paris, which she now admits was a ruse.

Last month, she took to TikTok to debunk her infamous ‘Stop Being Poor’ shirt, which she revealed was photoshopped. In the video, Hilton explained that the shirt originally read “Stop Being Desperate”, as shown in a second image on her TikTok. “This is what it really said,” she explained. “Don’t believe everything you read.”

The new memoir will be released on Dey Street Books, AKA the same publisher behind Jessica Simpson’s 2020 bestselling memoir Open Book. While there haven’t been anymore details revealed, here’s hoping the book will unpack some more early-noughties mysteries, like how did the infamous “Bimbo Summit” New York Post cover make Hilton feel? Or, what about the genesis of “that’s hot”? Watch this space.