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These books celebrate female pleasure and women who refuse to behave

From soiled sheets in the Chateau Marmont, multilevel sex palaces, and seducing nuns in turn-of-the-century Italy, these female authors write unapologetically about sexual exploration

Literature is filled with cautionary tales of women who stray from the narrow path and are punished accordingly. Promiscuous women; women who actively enjoy sex; women who choose to remain childless; unfaithful women: women who sell sex (especially if they aren’t redeemed by some mitigating circumstances justifying their choice)… in the realm of fiction, very rarely are any of these women allowed a happy ending that doesn’t involve their repentance. For every Catherine M exulting in consequence-free pleasure, there’s a million Madadame Bovarys swallowing arsenic.

Below, we take a look through books by women who refuse to be subjugated or condemn their heroines to the usual fates reserved for wild women.