Kathy Acker

David and Victoria Beckham - Leather Jackets 01
FashionExploring the sweaty sensuality of the oil-slicked motorcycle jacket
Variety (1983) 01
Film & TVThe story behind Variety, the cult neo-noir penned by Kathy Acker
Kathy acker bodybuilding gym weights lifting
Beauty FeatureHow Kathy Acker’s bodybuilding fuelled her raucous art
Eliot Duncan
Life & CulturePonyboy: a novel from the POV of a trans-masc ‘hot mess express’
Art & PhotographyNan Goldin & Jenny Holzer feature in new exhibition about women’s pleasure
Olivia Laing
Life & CultureOlivia Laing on the problems of inhabiting a body
Funny Weather jacket
Art & Photography5 lessons from artists making work during an emergency
ICA Kathy Acker film
Life & CultureThis short film delves into Kathy Acker’s hedonistic world
Life & CultureRevisiting the cult 1980s film noir penned by Kathy Acker
Life & CultureDiamond Stingily responds to an archival Kathy Acker piece
Kathy Acker
Life & CultureThe radical, seducing influence of Kathy Acker
Kathy Acker in her own words
Life & CultureKathy Acker in her own words
Kathy Acker
Life & CultureChris Kraus on the art, sex and myths of Kathy Acker