Emily Dinsdale


Chus & Greg’s Quaranteen
Art & PhotographyThis photo project shows the enduring optimism of teens, even in quarantine
Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 12.51.42
Art & PhotographyThe Regenerative List connects next-gen change-makers with world leaders
Thomas J Price
Art & PhotographyHackney Council commissions two public artworks to commemorate Windrush
Lee Miller, BBC documentary
Art & PhotographyLee Miller: the war photographer who was more than surrealist muse
Kahlil Joseph’s BLKNWS
Art & PhotographyArtist Kahlil Joseph’s BLKNWS project is an antidote to a toxic news cycle
Jamel Shabazz, City Metro
Art & PhotographyJamel Shabazz’s joyful pictures of the New York City subway
Deba Dazed 100 Academy
Dazed 100Deba
Anton Gottlob Dazed 100
Dazed 100Anton Gottlob
Jobe Burns DAZED100 2020
Dazed 100Jobe Burns
Alexandra Leese Dazed 100
Dazed 100Alexandra Leese
Johanna Jaskowska portrait Dazed 100
Dazed 100Johanna Jaskowska
Netti Hurley
Dazed 100Netti Hurley
Dafe Oboro portrait Dazed 100
Dazed 100Dafe Oboro
Funny Weather jacket
Art & Photography5 lessons from artists making work during an emergency
D'Angelo Lovell Williams. “Papa Don't Preach” (2020)
Art & PhotographyD’Angelo Lovell Williams’ poignant self-portraits offer a space for healing
Akasha Rabut. Death Magick Abundance (2020)
Art & PhotographyAkasha Rabut’s photographs celebrate the subcultures of New Orleans
Jon Rafman, 9Eyes (2008-ongoing)
Art & PhotographyDigital art exhibitions you don’t need to leave the house for
Marina Abramović and Ulay, “Relation in Time” (1977)
Art & PhotographyRemembering Ulay’s most boundary-breaking moments
D'Angelo Lovell Williams. “The Lovers” (2017)
Art & PhotographyAntwaun Sargent & Bernard Lumpkin on curating for the black community
Rituals, Shaniqwa Jarvis, Rajendra Debah
Art & PhotographyShaniqwa Jarvis & Rajendra Debah’s sweet vignettes of everyday family life
Kristine Schomaker’s Perceive Me
Art & PhotographyWhy Kristine Schomaker asked 60 other artists to make nude portraits of her
Andy Warhol, Heaven and Hell Are Just One Breath Away
Art & PhotographyThis exhibition reveals Warhol’s dark preoccupation with death
Barbara Kruger
Art & PhotographyThe power of Barbara Kruger’s art, in her own words
Nishanth – A Gentle Reminder
Art & PhotographyThe Indian fashion photographer documenting disappearing traditions