Emily Dinsdale

Emily is Dazed’s Arts & Photgraphy Editor

Abbie Trayler-Smith, Kiss It! (2023)
Art & PhotographyThese photos document a young women’s defiant battle against fatphobia
Tom Wood, "Double grope leg over" (1985)
Art & PhotographyTom Wood’s tips on photographing your community
Megan Rosati, Milf Polaroids (2023)
Art & Photography‘Milf is a state of being’: this show takes you inside the Milf universe
039A0449_RGB copy 2
Art & PhotographyIn pictures: a photographer’s 10-year obsession with Dolly Parton
Nik Hartley, Good Sports (2023)
Art & PhotographyThe northern boxing club established in the wake of devastating race riots
Lucy Hardcastle and Maisie Cousins, “Body Bubbles” (2023)
Art & PhotographyThis disturbing ASMR art takes us inside the human body
Gavin Watson, Skins
Art & PhotographyIn pictures: the multicultural roots of the skinheads
Charlie Kwai, No.38 McDonald’s zine
Art & PhotographyPhotos that show the omnipotence of McDonald’s in all our lives
Art & PhotographyTON is the rebellious, anti-elitist interiors publication you need to know
Fumi Nagasaka, Dora, Yerkwood, Walker County, Alabama (2023)
Art & PhotographyFumi Nagasaka captures the beauty of small town America
Thurstan Redding, Kids of Cosplay (2023)
Art & PhotographySee Thurstan Redding’s heroic portraits of the cosplaying community
Dafy Hagai, Monaco (2023)
Art & PhotographyPhotographing the ‘provincial glam and fantasy’ of local shopping malls
Mary McCartney, Can we have a moment? (2023)
Art & PhotographyMary McCartney immortalises the in-between moments of British life
Brea Souders, “Another Online Pervert” (MACK, 2023)
Art & PhotographyIn pictures: one woman’s intimate relationship with a chatbot
Ingela Ihrman, First Came the Landscape (2023)
Art & PhotographyIngela Ihrman’s natural sculpture reflects on eternity and mortality
Jasmin Bonheur, Guerlain x Maison Matisse
Art & PhotographyThe ‘happiness’ of Matisse is distilled in Guerlain’s new fragrance
Lin Zhipeng (AKA No.223) at Saint Laurent, Rive Droite
Art & PhotographyInside Lin Zhipeng’s surreal and sexual Saint Laurent exhibition
Lindsey Jean McLean, “Many Directions” (2022)
Art & PhotographyThis new medieval art show wants to skewer gender norms
Art & PhotographySensual and grotesque depictions of modern womanhood
What Matters Most: Photographs of Black Life (2023)
Art & PhotographyThese found photos capture fleeting moments of Black American life
Motoko Ishibashi, “BBB_4” (2022)
Art & PhotographyThese hypersexualised portraits reflect the ‘chaotic contents’ of culture
4. Carrie Mae Weems, Untitled (Woman & Daughter wi
Art & PhotographyThe major art exhibitions you need to see in 2023
16X9 book
Life & CultureThe best books of 2022
Arvida Byström, 2022 Photo Dump
Art & Photography2022 photo dump: 8 artists and writers open their phone camera rolls