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David Attenborough
via Netflix

Billie Eilish asks David Attenborough how to save the world

Famous fans including Maisie Williams and Asa Butterfield probe the wildlife presenter on how to avoid climate catastrophe

Sir David Attenborough has answered questions from famous fans including Billie Eilish, Maisie Williams, Dame Judy Dench, and more, in a video addressing the issues faced by impending environmental disaster.

The video, part of the promotion for the presenter’s new Netflix show David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet, sees Sir David talk about his glittering career as a wildlife broadcaster, dishing out advice on how best to protect endangered species, and how we can all help prevent the extinction of the human race and (more importantly) our planet: “It’s the most precious thing we have, and we are a part of it,” Attenborough says.

Eilish was more concerned with the animal kingdom though asking the wildlife broadcaster how he copes with his “feelings” about all the animals “losing their lives” and going extinct: “how do you deal with that as a human being? I don’t know how.”

“You feel desperate” Sir David replies, glancing at the floor in despair, before urging us to act to prevent the destruction of a world containing “extraordinary beauty and complexity”.

Sex Education star Asa Butterfield was also on hand to probe Sir David, who answered questions from David Beckham, Marcus Rashford, and Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams who asked how remained connected to nature during lockdown: “I’ve been spending more time in garden and realising what riches there are… there’s so much that you realise that you’ve never actually looked at before.”

Watch the full video below and catch David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet on Netflix.