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Coronavirus Halloween masks, Amazon
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‘Hugely distasteful’ COVID-19 Halloween masks pulled from Amazon

Critics say the coronavirus-based costumes show ‘a terrible lapse of judgement’

Halloween is going to feel very different in 2020, given that the coronavirus pandemic has rendered people not wearing a mask scarier than people dressed up in spooky looks, and trick or treating is presumably off the cards. That isn’t going to stop costume sellers causing controversy though.

The latest ill-advised (not to mention topical) costume choice? Dressing up as COVID-19 itself, of course, courtesy of companies selling truly cursed masks in the shape of the virus on Amazon.

Despite Amazon removing a series of them from its website following complaints, several of these latex masks are still available to buy as of writing, resembling coronavirus as it appears under a microscope (see also: the images photoshopped onto Melania Trump’s green screen dress at the RNC back in August) only with demonic eyes and jagged teeth.

“These masks show a terrible lapse of judgement by the manufacturers and sellers,” Rachel Power, chief executive of the Patients Association, tells The Sun, “and I hope they will be removed from sale quickly.”

“I’ve no doubt the great majority of people will find them hugely distasteful, and I can’t imagine that many people would wish to wear one.”

Since the pandemic began, coronavirus has led to a reported 40,000 deaths in the UK, while the worldwide death toll has recently passed one million, which makes it pretty easy to see why turning up in one of the masks – again, where? a socially-distanced Halloween party? – would be considered to be in bad taste.

Honestly, this year it’s probably best to just stay at home and reminisce over last year’s best Halloween looks from a safe distance.