This film documents a night out with LA’s Latinx and LGBTQ+ community

Members of the community reflect on their intersectional experience and finding acceptance in perreo night Noche De Travesuras

“It’s a place where all the misfits can come together,” says Baby Uniq, of the LA perreo night Noche De Travesuras. “People of all identities, ethnicities… everything, can come and just be one with each other. And feel like you’re part of something.”

Noche De Travesuras – a short film directed, filmed, and edited by documentary filmmaker Irene Baqué – offers a closer look at the intersectional reggaeton night of the same name, featuring music from Flaca and Bea Pelea interspersed with live footage and interviews.

The film also gives an insight into the background of some of the people involved in the night. “So many latinx folks can relate to… you come out to your parents where they have an idea and… you know they disown you, and they want nothing to do with you,” says DJ Sadboy, an artist now based in New York City. 

Relating their own, difficult background in a family tied to gang culture, DJ Sadboy adds that it was what prompted them to move to LA and get involved in the LGBTQ+ scene there, alongside other musicians and artists such as Jesuabones.

Watch the full film above.