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Japanese condom brand

A Japanese condom brand has made a weird AF anime about safe sex

The story begins with Condom Battler Goro finding a mythical condom in a stone

Japan’s leading condom manufacturer, Okamoto, has created an anime web-series to promote safe sex, and it’s pretty rad.

Called Condom Battler Goro, the four-part YouTube series follows Goro, a 24-year-old guy who finds a mythical condom in a stone. When he pulls it out, his body is suddenly covered in a condom suit of armour. But danger is near. His mortal enemy, Rambo, is a condom hunter whose outfits basically consist of a helmet and shoulder pads made from the tips of broken condoms. In the first episode, the pair battle it out, and Goro wins with the help of his two friends Miku and Hayato.

In another episode, Goro goes on a survival challenge into the forest of sexually transmitted diseases. While Goro stays safe in his condom suit, others around him become infected. The remaining two episodes feature a condom tournament, where Goro goes head-to-head against the condom master – yes, really. 

“It is difficult to say with confidence that Japanese people are fully aware of how to use condoms properly, and we recognise that Japanese people do not like to touch on sex education. Therefore, we made an animation to educate Japanese people about safe sex, with a hint of humour,” Okamoto said on its website

Thankfully, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, experts have seen a rapid decrease in STI rates. But as lockdown measures begin to ease, stay safe and protected, kids.

Watch Condom Battler Goro below.