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gossip girl meme blair waldorf serena van der woodsen
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A round-up of the Gossip Girl memes keeping us sane right now

Blair and Serena are taking over social media and we love it

Every so often, the internet comes together in a joyous and ceremonious moment that unites us all. Usually prompted by a photo or illustration, sometimes overlaid with text, depicting something that ostensibly does not make a lot of sense, those of us whose sense of humour has gone beyond any real logic or understanding share said image to the point it goes viral: and thus, a meme is born. 

From Kylie Jenner’s seminal Rise and Shine moment to the time ‘Im gonna tell my kids this was…’ took over the internet, the latest meme to bring us all together is a pretty basic one, comprising of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

It goes a little something like this: a picture of Serena sits on top of Blair. Serena poses a question, to which Blair replies with an anagram or edit of the words ‘gossip girl’. Since the OG iteration of the meme landed on social media a short time ago, a huge number of people have been offering their take on it, switching up the text to create some bewilderingly funny, why-am-I-laughing-at-this-at-3am? versions of their own.

Naturally, we have pulled some of the best to hit the web so far: xoxo Gossip Girl etc.


Let’s kick things off with the original. Tweeted on April 13, @baro_tokiyo, like most of us, seemed to be going a little crazy in quarantine. Captioning the picture, “This is testing what little sanity I have left”, the meme shows Serena saying to Blair, “I have to pee” and Blair replying “Go piss girl”. Genius. So with all those people raving about using this time in isolation to create great art and literature, just show them this tweet, say the work is done, and go back to watching Tiger King 


It’s nice when friends are there for each other. Maybe all those times you were at the bar and downed that one tequila shot too many, you just needed some comforting and encouraging words from the queen of the upper east siders herself. 


A nice political hot take to guide us on our journey. 


It’s good to keep the brain active during quarantine. And while you could sign up for those Harvard courses or MoMA art history lessons, you could also just look at these for a quick Spanish tutorial followed by some maths. You’re welcome. 


If you haven’t noticed by now, Blair is kind of like an omniscient being. She really does have all the answers. So much so, Ariana Grande had to seek her advice. Asking what she should name her second single from her fourth studio album Sweetener, the New York socialite retorts: God is girl. Judging by the look on Waldorf’s face, she knows her work is done. Although Grande switched it up slightly, naming her pop anthem “God is a Woman”, it’s close enough for us to all have a good old laugh.


In 2012 Blakey Lively, who plays van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, got married to actor Ryan Reynolds. Although this wedding might typically have gone unnoticed for most, the news that they got married on a fucking plantation (yes you read that right), in Charleston South Carolina, sent the internet into a spiral. And rightly so. Although we have a long list of choice words for Lively, Blair’s reaction seems to sum it up quite nicely – ‘Girl’. 


The no make-up make-up look. That dewy glow that has been taking the beauty world by storm. Although you could spend money on the new Glossier dewy stick milk balm thing or whatever, you could also just embrace your face’s natural oils.


As this meme was born from our time in isolation, it seems only right that one has been dedicated to acknowledging the weird situation we are living in. Social distancing is one of the main ways to help curb the spread of coronavirus, so if someone tells you they have been practising social distancing there is only one response, ‘Go girl’.