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Mike Pence TikTok memes
via TikTok (@dianeturner12)

LGBTQ+ teens on TikTok imagine a hellscape where Mike Pence is president

Amid Trump’s impeachment, TikTok users are memeing a future with conversion therapy camps run by current vice president Pence

LGBTQ+ teens on TikTok are making memes about a future where vice president Mike Pence becomes president and creates gay conversion camps, because humour is apparently the only way we can stomach the political shitshow around us, LOL.

Reacting to Trump’s impeachment, and the possibility that Pence, a raging homophobe, might be president, users are using the #mikepence and #Pence tags to post videos of themselves walking toward the camera, pretending to greet various individuals they might see at a particular location.

In one video, captioned “me when I get to pence’s summer camp and see”, the creator pretends to be one of the campers and greets her “gay frends”, “TikTok lesbians”, and her girlfriend with a smile, before ‘spotting’ Pence and looking down.

Another video, which has amassed over 140,000 likes, imagines a not-too-distant future where teens are forced to take a state test at school that asks whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, to a backdrop of Taylor Swift’s track “Should’ve Said No”.

Increasingly, young people are using TikTok to highlight social injustices and spread political messages amidst these turbulent times, from organising schools strikes to gun control. Last month, however, the video platform faced criticism for suppressing the reach of content of some of its users to “prevent bullying” (read: censorship).