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Climate strike September 2019

The kids are alright – a report from the Global Climate Strike in London

People across the world gathered for the biggest environmental protest in history

Across the world today –  on September 20 2019 – millions of people skipped their jobs or school to join forces and march to demand world leaders make bold institutional change to save the planet. The climate crisis is here, it’s happening, and it’s now a matter of how – not if, or when – the human race arrests the terminal decline of the world we live in. 

While the culmination of the protest is taking place in New York, with speeches at the UN headquarters, this is a global movement – activists are out in force from Uganda to Delhi, Prague and Sydney.

The Dazed team hit the streets of London to film (video coming soon) and meet some of the young people out protesting. While the climate movement is visibly made up of all ages, there can be no doubt that the demands being placed upon politicians and powerful corporations are being made, and shouted the loudest, by teenagers. This is the reason why I think it’ll work.

The relentless passion of teenage activists brings an energy and intelligence to the movement that lends it a unique strength. Kids are out on the streets fighting for their right to a future, born into a world nearly ruined by the greed and arrogance of older generations. And they simply will not go away. Greta Thunberg is the face of climate activism, and remains undeterred in the face of bizarre right-wing attacks on the way she sounds, or looks. Emboldened by the sense of being part of a truly global crusade, a generation born on social media is taking protest IRL. The young people Dazed spoke to today shared with us their galvanising anger against polluting corporations like Amazon and Nestle, their frustrations with the lack of urgency from lawmakers and our government in bringing in tangible policies for change, and the future they demand to see.

Out on the streets at today’s march, there was a palpable sense that climate activism is embedded within them so deeply – resistance is a part of their personality, part of their culture. On the one hand, it’s a shame that their hands have been forced, on the other, it’s inspirational to see so many fiercely smart teenagers out on the streets demanding a better world, decrying greed, and speaking truth to power. The kids are alright.