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Dazed Beauty

Introducing Dazed Beauty

Imagine the future of beauty with the new platform from Dazed, launching today with contributions from Kate Moss, Slick Woods, and Arca

Dazed Beauty is a new platform from Dazed, celebrating identity, self-expression and creativity through the transformational power of beauty.

In his editor’s letter marking its launch today, September 26, editor-in-chief Bunny Kinney explains how Dazed Beauty is a platform for everyone: “From the Brooklyn bruja blending witchcraft with wellness, to the 3D artist dreaming up alien landscapes, to the eerie Instagram star who has rebelled against her religious upbringing to create a new identity online, Dazed Beauty is more than just the latest products and procedures. It’s a space for us to document, deconstruct and experiment with beauty in all its forms, in every dimension, and tell the stories of the lived experience each one of us has in our own individual bodies as we navigate the world, both online and off.”

Today, the site bursts into life with Choose Your Player, a campaign that imagines the future of beauty. The centrepiece of this is an interactive gallery of CGI characters, made from the 3D-scanned heads of Dazed Beauty faves: Kate MossArca, Slick WoodsAweng Mayen ChuolMechatokYves TumorPrincess Gollum, Yung Lean, and Isamaya Ffrench (who is also Dazed Beauty’s creative director).

There’s also a series of mini-profiles on the Dazed Beauty Community, with model La'Shaunae Stewardtemporary tattoo artist John Yuyirising nail technician Sylvie Macmillan and more reflecting on their routines, their ideals, and what beauty will look like in 100 years.

We’re also finding out: what’s the deal with women using beauty products on their vaginas? What’s your horoscope for this month? How do cosplayers do their make-upAnd which five products do you need to add to your wellness routine

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