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Your monthly beauty horoscope: October, 2018

TextEmily Heather PriceArtistBridget Meyne

Astrologer Emily Heather Price (aka The Voluptuous Witch) predicts a month of art, beauty and romance, as Venus takes centre stage

This month Venus, our planet of love, art, beauty, money, and personal values, will take centre stage, as she stations in retrograde the first week, followed by a glowing, Venus-ruled Libra New Moon a few days later. This is the perfect new moon for calling more beauty, sweetness, and harmony into your life. Happy Birthday to all our Libras, as well as our early Scorpios later in the month. There’s a very sultry and seductive potential to October if you’re willing to tune into intuition and instinct rather than convention and expectation. October is a month of deeper insights and examination, with a theme of turning inward to assess what truly matters to us and what lies beneath the surface of our desires. It’s also an excellent month to reflect on our aesthetics and love patterns, although big moves like radically redefining your look, getting cosmetic surgery, or getting back with an ex aren’t advisable this month.


Your momentum and mojo are getting back up to full speed. Summer 2018 may have felt as if you were crawling (your ruler Mars being retrograde slowed you down a bit) but your natural fire is building to a blaze again. Enhance this blaze with a fiery red lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills. You’re likely to see developments in your important relationships this month, which leads to a great focus on your more meaningful connections. This is a time to be honest, firstly with yourself, about your emotional needs, desires, and any shifts you want to make in your financial life as well. Get support when and where you need it. You can’t do everything on your own, dear Aries. This is the time to call on the expertise of those who have what you want, so you can learn from them how to get it. You’ll soon be entering a year of heightened travel, learning, and a publishing opportunity. Take some time to reflect on where you will want to soon expand.

Best dates: October 9 and 31

Monthly Toolkit

Must-have makeup: Stila Cosmetics Shimmer & Glow Vivid & Vibrant Liquid Eye Shadow in Vivid Garnet

Nightly ritual: Caudalie VineActiv Overnight Detox Oil to repair damage and eliminate toxins

Healing crystal: Yellow Jasper, to help you work well with others from a place of self-worth


This is one of the most auspicious romantic months for you in quite a while. New people you encounter are likely to be deeper soul connections or the kind of companions who turn you back onto your truest self. Your intuition about the people in your life and their needs is sharp, so put this to good use for the purposes of healing and understanding. For added healing this month, incorporate some crystals into your beauty routine. For example this Jade facial roller or Herbivore’s Pineapple and Gemstone mask. If an important connection (especially ones with women or femmes) slows down or becomes a bit cryptic, don’t stress about it. Letting something run its course is likely to go better than forcing any unnatural momentum. If you’ve been in a relationship rut, the very last days of the month are the perfect time to break out of it, as here comes change and surprise. You’ll also soon be entering your most fortunate financial year in quite some time, so this is an excellent month to plan, scheme, envision, and decide what it is you want to begin in November. 

Your best dates: October 9 and 24

Monthly Toolkit

Power scent: Sana Jardin Tiger By Her Side

Must-have makeup: Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anita

Protection: Bay Leaves (boil some up and add the water to your bath to release old connections and be ready for new love)


This month is full of action, conversation, and catalysts for you. Your ruler Mercury is interacting with lots of important planets and bringing opportunity for forward motion in all areas of your life. Conserving your cash is recommended as there may be a slight slow-down in financial flow. Why not try a DIY face mask using all ingredients you have at home? Honey and avocado is one of the best and simplest for moisturizing -- just mix up and apply after a shower or while you sit in the bath. Your creativity and detective skills will be enhanced during this time too. Write down your ideas and observations even if you don’t know what you want to do with them yet. The last few days of the month are particularly lucky and abundant for you, so plan something delicious during that time. Good news: you’ll soon be entering your luckiest relationship year in over a decade. Enhance this mood of romance with a new scent like Flowerbomb by Viktor+Rolf, for it’s eros-boosting powers. Venus Retrograde may slow down or obscure matters of the heart, but delays or missed connections ultimately will work in your favour. Keep the faith.

Best days: October 19 and 29

Monthly Toolkit

Healing crystal: Pyrite, for wealth and financial turnarounds

Nightly Ritual: Embryolisse Laboratories Lait-Creme Fluide for multitasking moisturiser, body lotion, after sun, and makeup remover.

Inspiration: Esther Perel’s excellent TedTalk on love and desire


Strange magic is at play for you in terms of romance and art this month. Old soul connections may resurface or encounters may arise with strangers who feel as if you’ve known them before. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend getting back with an ex, rather more like an internal review of your love life to-date and a releasing of old energies could have a truly transformative impact on your romantic present and future. If old clothes or products remind you of hard times, toss them out. Treat yourself to something new and bright that lifts your mood like a Viseart Eyeshadow Palette. Colour therapy works this month. If you feel creatively stunted, don’t panic. Delays are an opportunity to get into better alignment with what you truly want to create and express. You’ll also reach a turning point in matters of home and love, especially if you are cohabitating with a partner, so if you have any pending decisions to make you’ll soon have clarity and what you need to take action.

Best days: October 12 and 19

Monthly Toolkit

Healing crystal: Chrysacolla, for creating new patterns and getting free

Nightly Ritual: Before you go to bed, write a list of things you did well that day.

Power scent: Byredo Eleventh Hour


You’re about to have a rare opportunity to reassess your core values, romantic desires, and money habits at a deeper level than you might normally consider. October is a month-long prelude to your most promising dating and creativity year in ages. The stars are aligning for your art, joy, and seduction realities, and a side effect of this is that you may become increasingly aware of anything holding you back. If you notice old habits, ways of living, or inherited family beliefs holding you back, this is a perfect time to rewire with new behaviours or get some therapeutic support. It’s not an ideal month for redecorating or finding a new home, but a great time to start researching options or planning for late-2018 or early-2019 makeover projects of all kinds. For now, experiment with decorating your face with this Morphe 35B colour burst artistry eyeshadow palette.

Best days: October 9 and 15

Monthly Toolkit

Inspiration: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Nightly Ritual: Drink a cup of mugwort tea before bed to enhance and remember your dreams

Power scent: Miu Miu Fleur D’Argent


You have a really dynamic month ahead full of socialising, business opportunities, and creative inspiration. A secret or surprise insight reveals itself early in the month, and this is positive because you can then proceed working with a more accurate perception, especially one that pertains to money and dating. You can set new goals for renewed financial abundance, a better relationship with your physical body, or simply make more time for self-care. Self-massage with a nourishing oil like coconut or avocado is amazing for reconnection and gentle self-healing, or you can give yourself a scalp massage with Magic Elixir. You are also likely to see an academic, writing, or other important project of yours come to fruition or get recognition later in the month, so be sure to make time to celebrate that. The last few days of October are some of your luckiest all year so schedule important meetings or lavish indulgences around then.

Best days: October 12 and 29

Monthly Toolkit

Healing crystal: Tiger Eye, for confidence and self-encouragement

Nightly Ritual: Before bed, repeat a few affirmations that shift your thoughts in the direction you want to go like “I am abundant” or “I receive so much love”

Must-have Makeup: Listen Hard Girl Neon Lip Paint


This month is so important for you, Libra. Not only does your birthday season continue, but some pretty significant catalysts and opportunities will be unfolding as well. If you’ve been hoping to meet someone new, mid-month is promising for romantic developments, a great date, or even a massive surge of fresh artistic inspiration. The month has a wistful tone overall, finding you reflecting on the past year especially and generally taking time to slow down and reconnect with yourself. This means that while work, love, and money opportunities arise, they may have a slower trajectory or not be immediately crystal clear in terms of the details. Stay grounded within yourself and your true desires this month by remaining patient, and trust that all will be fully revealed at the right time. Set aside some time for a bit of self care this month. Relax with a Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask or reset and indulge with Farmacy’s Honey Potion. If you have been wanting to write a book or revamp your own thoughts and perceptions, you’ll soon be well-positioned to do this. Start outlining and strategizing now.

Best dates: October 9 (your new moon! Set an important intention or take a daring action)

Monthly Toolkit

Power scent: Indulge on your birthday with Le Labo Patchouli 24

Must-have makeup: Too Faced Better Than Birthday Sex Mascara

Healing crystal: Rhodocrosite for the deepest self-love


You’re one of the few signs whose seductive powers are actually heightened this month. Your aura of mystery is amplified and your intentions are inscrutable, so use these powers wisely. Harness this power and mystery with a spritz of Tom Ford’s Noir de Noir fragrance. While matters of the heart or artistic dreams can’t be rushed this month, your inspiration is still enhanced if you lean on your exceptional intuition and instinct. Mid-month, just before your birthday season begins, a delicious romantic opportunity presents itself, or you meet someone platonic who makes you feel truly inspired. The only caution: it’s definitely not the time for a drastic change whether that’s hair, clothes, or appearance -- later in the year will be much better for that. Getting back with an ex is also not especially recommended, although a run-in with or resurfacing in your memory of someone from the past is fairly likely. Use this for closure or perspective instead. If you’ve been wanting to break out of a relationship rut, the very last days of the month are the perfect time for change and surprise.

Best dates: October 15 and 26

Monthly Toolkit

Protection: Homemade salt scrub with chopped rosemary or rosemary essential oil and olive to scrub your feet and clear your energy

Must have makeup: Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette

Healing crystal: Smoky Quartz for smoldering encounters


This month is comfortably and somewhat deceptively quiet for you, as it is the lead up to entering your magical Jupiter in Sagittarius year (more on that next month, stay tuned), and is less about forcing rapid progress and more about reviewing how far you’ve come in the past year, as well as assessing if there is any important healing remaining for you to do. Your social stars are all lit up this month too. Make sure to attend gatherings, be with your community, and allow others to introduce you to new people or helpful contacts. Refresh your look and stand out from the crowd with Bleach London Super Cool Colour. Your social justice or humanitarian work is also emphasised now, with lots of conversation and opportunity around building deeper community connections or sharing your personal talents and abilities with a wider network of like-minded people. The last few days of the month are important for you -- pay attention to ideas, conversations, revelations, and opportunities that arrive then. They’ll be important for you in the coming year.

Best dates: October 9 and 29

Monthly Toolkit

Must-have makeup: Cover FX Drops in Rose Gold

Power scent: Reserve Citron Fig Eau de Parfum from sustainable and animal-friendly brand Clean

Nightly ritual: Take 5 min a night to journal and reflect on your progress, setbacks, and important events of the last 12 months


This is a peaceful and progress-filled month for you with an emphasis on your career, fame, and reputation. You’re in the spotlight and are the topic of conversation, so make sure you’re putting out there what you most want other people to see and know about your work, claiming your own authority and expertise. Take advantage of this limelight with Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Beauty Light Wand. Your social life may slow down a bit, or it’s possible that heart connections from the past could resurface out of the blue. Connecting with old friends can be sweet, or even seeking closure with past lovers, just keep in mind that this isn’t an ideal month to get back with an ex, as you’ll likely soon remember why you parted ways in the first place. If you date women or femmes, try not to worry too much if someone you’ve been connecting with becomes a bit elusive. This is simply a feature of Venus Retrograde and dynamics should be become clearer again soon.

Best dates: October 12 and 28

Monthly Toolkit

Must-have makeup: Becca Backlight Priming Filter

Healing crystal: Citrine for confidence and self-respect

Power scent: Maison Margiela Replica Eau de Toilette Beach Walk


You are regaining major momentum now.  You’ve spent a lot of time this year getting into fighting shape to move toward your goals, and now the energy is aligned to make the most of a powerful Mars in your sign. This is best used by taking action toward your ambition, getting lots of physical exercise, and using practices that help you channel your energy productively. If you need to be aggressive, you have that power, just be sure it’s in service of what’s right and not simply a response to frustration. Relieve yourself of stale energy and exfoliate with DCL’s Multi Action Penta Peel. If a career opportunity is unfolding, some of the details might not become clear until November, so take your time and just be as patient as possible. This is an excellent month to focus on writing a book, getting further education, or traveling somewhere enriching to your soul. There are harmonious alignments surrounding you that help you be more in your own flow, and you may even meet someone new and alluring this month who gives your inspiration a massive boost.

Best dates: October 15 and 24

Monthly Toolkit

Must-have makeup: Get power brows with Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

Healing crystal: Green aventurine for money and success

Nightly ritual: Listen to binaural beats or sound healing meditations to ease your nerves and clear your mind


Inspiration, writing, and enriching conversation are big themes for you this month, so be sure to write down important ideas, make time to journal, and pay attention to signs that arrive through messengers that you meet. Financial matters are definitely highlighted as well with the potential to greatly benefit you so long as you think along the lines of long-term wealth, debt reduction, or securing more financial backing for your work. You’ll likely be reflecting on the adventures of the past year and all the ways you’ve expanded your horizons. You might become a bit wistful about a past love or even your overarching patterns in romance, so take these opportunities for deeper healing and to gain a better sense of closure. Relax, unwind and recharge with a detoxing Himalayan salt bath. If you’re working on an important project sharing your message with the world, this is a wonderful month to slow down and reflect on the core of what you desire to create and express. The last few days of the month will be especially inspired for this. If you’ve been waiting on a romantic connection or just hoping for developments in love, late October brings movement on this for you!

Best dates: October 26 and 29

Monthly Toolkit

Must-have makeup: MAC Powder Blush in Pink Swoon

Power scent: Daisy Love by Marc Jacobs

Nightly ritual: Take a love bath with rose quartz, rose petals, and lavender essential oil

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