This film depicts the authentic heart of London’s chicken shops

Filmmaker Comfort Adeneye invites you to sit down at the table for a carefree conversation

From the acclaimed chicken connoisseur to Amelia Dimoldenberg‘s awkward chicken shop dates, it‘s safe to say chicken shops have piqued mainstream interest in the last few years, even though they’ve been a staple on London streets for decades.

For many working class Londoners, particularly people of colour, chicken shops have been more than just a place to grab a quick bite. Despite the frustrating lack of seating, they have long been a place for London‘s youth to gist, vibe and banter with each other, all while tucking into some chicken, chips or even both. From the Morleys to the Dixie‘s, chicken shops are a staple in London culture and director Comfort Adeneye manages to depict this in her latest short film, Chickin n Gistin.

Set in – you guessed it – a chicken shop, Adeneye’s film widens the narrative to more than just funny chicken reviews or comedy sketches. Instead, we are shown the realness of what a chicken shop provides: a space for five Londoners to regularly chill and banter with each other about Skepta, success and money. This film is like a fly-on-the-wall view of one such hang between five young men – those in front of and behind the camera are bona fide chicken shop regulars. Join the gist and tuck in.