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Scientists want to hear from people who’ve met aliens while tripping on DMT

Is this you?

DMT is so revered by drug takers that thousands make the journey to the Amazon to sample the ayahuasca high – a spiritually enlighting experience sparked by the consumption of DMT. Users and shamans alike describe physical and psychological healing and growth but another consequence is that you might fall into another realm and meet aliens.

According to a Motherboard report, scientists want to know more about people whose trips led them to see bright mind-bending extraterrestrials since it’s a neglected area of study. A callout online reads: “We are working on a research study regarding the experiences of people who have had encounters with seemingly autonomous beings or entities after taking DMT. This anonymous internet survey involves asking about your experiences, including the short-term and long-term effects.”

Looking around drug forums at post-bender recaps, this is pretty common. “I was catapulting, hurtling through hyperdimensional tunnels at extreme velocity,” one user wrote. “I looked around and saw several alien life forms standing around in a purple hued universe”. While this YouTuber made a whole vlog about what he calls “the craziest trip he ever had” where he danced with a being that looked like “the thing from The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

Neuroscientist Roland R. Griffiths at Johns Hopkins medical university has been looking into psychedelic experiences for decades and has devised a 20 to 40 minute form asking you to describe your experiences. “Have you ever taken a ‘breakthrough’ dose of N,N-DMT; that is, a dose that produced very strong psychoactive effects,” is just one example of some of the probing questions. “By ‘breakthrough’ we mean the experience of passing through an entrance into another world or alternative reality.”

So now is your chance to relive your best trips in the name of science. Take the survey here.