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Watch the trailer for chaotic new LGBTQ+ reality show Hot Haus

‘I’ve been working in reality TV for a long time now, and I can promise you this cast is something special,’ host Tiffany Pollard tells Dazed

“I ain’t gonna be satisfied until I see bodily juices flowing!” is our introduction – via Tiffany Pollard screech – to Hot Haus, a new sex-positive competition reality show hosted by the rapper CupcakKe, TV personality Pollard (of I Love New York and Flavor of Love), Matthew Camp, and Nicky Monet.

Hot Haus, which comes from the creative team behind queer reality series Slag Wars, sees “a new generation of queer sex workers and sex-positive content creators (the ‘Hotties’) compete in a series of titillating challenges to claim a $10,000 prize”. The cast is majority POC and trans/non-binary, and all are current or former sex workers in some capacity.

As ever, there’s a twist. Each week, the eliminated Hottie will join the judging panel – while living with the other contestants. “Together the Hotties explore community, queerness, and creativity… with plenty of drama along the way,” the show says.

Produced by queer production company DaddyTV, and set to air on OutTV worldwide from today, Dazed has the exclusive play on the trailer, which you can watch below. Expect all the hallmarks of a good reality series: tears, confessions, confrontation, and more, as well as some frank discussions about hate crime, representation, and self-expression. And some twerking and pole dancing, obvs.

“I’ve been working in reality TV for a long time now, and I can promise you this cast is something special,” Tiffany Pollard tells Dazed. “Their talent and grace genuinely moved me every day we were together on set. They’re not just stars; they’re not just superstars; they’re ultrastars! (Is ultra more than super?) Either way, I love them, and you will too.”

CupcakKe, who is making her hosting debut, tells Dazed: “Listen, listen, listen... listen, Linda! All jokes aside, this is hands down one of the more creative shows I have witnessed in a while. Hot Haus is the moment. It’s very different. It’s a great way to showcase the amazing talents coming from the LGBTQ+ community. It’s truly art.”

“I hate trauma porn that only exists to explain queerness to straight folks,” says DaddyTV co-founder Topher Cusumano. “I hate when queer sex workers get framed as helpless, desperate creatures needing sympathy. We’re not. We’re powerful, creative, divine, whole beings. That’s the energy Hot Haus celebrates – the fullness of our lived experiences.”

Watch the Hot Haus trailer exclusively below.