A Brooklyn gallery is opening up a Tiffany Pollard exhibition

Because the David’s Dead moment is a masterpiece

Almost every televised moment that includes Tiffany Pollard is art. That’s an indisputable fact, she is living and breathing art. Fittingly, a New York museum is recognising her outstanding contribution to pop culture in the form of an exhibition.

"While this will be a celebration of her entire oeuvre we will focus on her masterpiece David's Dead,” a statement from THNK 1994 reads. “We believe it is the pinnacle of reality television, roughly 7 minutes of pure unbridled chaos in the celebrity UK Big Brother house wherein David Bowie's widow gets the news of his death and has to tell someone, she tells Tiffany who thinks she's talking about David Gest (Liza Minnelli's "ex-husband") who is also in the house and has been sick in bed."

Unfortunately, shortly after the series David Gest did actually die while planning his 'David Gest Is Not Dead' tour. Seriously. There is no word yet on whether this context will be unpacked during the event. But Pollard, also known as New York, has responded to the news on her Instagram, saying she was "truly beyond flattered and humbled" and couldn’t wait to see how the bring the viral moment to life.

It’s part of a series of Spring events paying homage to iconic pop culture moments including one event devoted to the viral image depicting celebrities smoking in the bathroom at the Met Ball.

David's Dead: A Celebration of Tiffany Pollard" will show at THNK 1994 until June 3