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Home Alone house Airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

Rent the Home Alone house so you can make your family disappear

Booby traps and real-life tarantula included

When Kevin McCallister gets the whole house to himself in Home Alone, he’s thrilled (that is, until the Wet Bandits show up...) Now you can experience Kevin’s joy IRL with a stay at the genuine McCallister family home in Chicago, which is being listed for rent on Airbnb this Christmas.

The perfect place to eat junk food, watch rubbish all night long, and daub yourself in Peter McCallister’s aftershave à la Kevin, it’s now bookable for four guests at the very reasonable price of $25.

According to the listing, renters can expect a candlelit dinner of Kraft macaroni & cheese and Chicago’s finest pizza, booby traps, a “meet and greet” with a real-life tarantula, and “ample opportunity to scream into the mirror”. If you’ve ever wanted to chicken suit someone, now’s your chance.

Kev’s big brother Buzz is playing Airbnb host (and helpfully sanitising all surfaces in line with the rental company’s protocol) – just stay out of his room, okay?

The Illinois stay opportunity (which is for one night only, on December 12) arrives in line with new film Home Sweet Home Alone, which guests will enjoy a screening of during their stay.

You can request to book the house from December 7 here. Meanwhile, if you’re more of a Sex and the City fan rather than a holiday film one, then a recreation of Carrie Bradshaw’s brownstone apartment is also being offered for rent.