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Miranda Hobbes SATC
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Will a queer Miranda save the SATC reboot?

Since the first trailer dropped, fans of the OG series are speculating that Miranda will come out as gay in And Just Like That

ICYMI, HBO dropped the first trailer for its much-anticipated Sex and The City reboot, And Just Like That, last week, and, so far – between the looming absence of Kim Catrall (AKA Samantha Jones) and some extremely questionable outfit choices by the new styling team – we can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on.

Fans of the show, however, have pointed out on social media that a redeeming plotline may be in the works: a queer romance for everyone’s favourite power-suit-wearing, chocolate cake-eating, no-bullshit lawyer, Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon). 

In the trailer – just after showing couples Carrie and Big and Charlotte and Harry – new character Dr. Nya Wallace (a Columbia Law professor played by Karen Pittman) places her hand on Miranda’s arm. At the same moment, SJP states in voiceover, “Life is full of surprises.” Coincidence? We hope not.

Later on, we catch a glimpse of Miranda at a dark bar or restaurant with Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez), the show’s first non-binary character. In the scene, Miranda dons a black-and-white flannel while the two share what looks to be some emotional eye-contact, which fans on social media have theorised could mark Miranda’s first time at a gay bar. 

Just in case you’ve forgotten, at the end of the second SATC film Miranda was still married to her long-time love interest Steve. In season one, episode three, however, Miranda is set up with a lesbian woman named Syd at her law firm’s softball game. After claiming “I’m not gay! When did being single translate into being gay?” to her coworker, Miranda brings Syd to a company dinner to gain respect at work and kisses her in the elevator. “Yep, definitely straight,” she claims. 

Otherwise, the original series’ depiction of bisexuality has proved pretty problematic since its 1998 debut. When Carrie dates a bisexual man in season three, Charlotte states that bisexual men are the reason that there’s no available men in New York, Samantha dismisses it as sexual experimentation, Miranda calls it “greedy double-dipping”, and Carrie refers to bisexuality as a “layover to Gaytown”. 

Since the release of the second SATC film, Cynthia Nixon has come out as queer – marrying LGBTQ+ rights activist Christine Marinoni, running to become New York’s first openly gay governer, and directing a lesbian drama on Broadway.

Perhaps the potential plotline could be a chance for the characters to finally recognise bisexuality as a legitimate identity, spearheaded by Miranda, herself? We’re here for it.

And Just Like That will premiere on HBO Max on December 9. Watch the teaser below.