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Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That

Why is Carrie Bradshaw dressed as the Joker in the SATC reboot teaser?

Someone get Patricia Field on the phone

Lock up your YouTube account and throw away the key, the Sex and the City reboot teaser is here! HBO has dropped the first full glimpse of And Just Like That, featuring almost all of the cast from the original series.

However, it seems that while we’ve all been distracted by the looming absence of Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones, we’ve forgotten to prepare for the gaping hole left by OG costume designer Patricia Field, because the looks in the teaser are… something.

Carrie Bradshaw in a straw garrison cap with a little red feather? Check. Carrie Bradshaw channeling the Joker in a red tie, grey waistcoat, and… polka dot brown shirt? Check. Miranda Hobbes in Marks & Spencer plaid? Sadly, check.

Rumour has it, And Just Like That is working with a significantly reduced wardrobe budget – though not small enough to buy off the rack, honey – which might explain why everyone’s wearing shoes from Sarah Jessica Parker’s own line, SJP.

Anyway, the content of the teaser doesn’t give much away – aside from the confusing looks we’ll be served – but we do see Carrie recording her podcast with the show’s first ever non-binary character Che Diaz, played by Sara Ramíez, and kissing her husband-for-now Mr Big (Chris Noth). We also get a peek at Charlotte (Kristin Davis) living her dream family life with her husband Harry (Evan Handler), and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), err, sitting down and walking around.

Willie Garson, who played Carrie’s BFF Stanford Blatch in the original show, is also featured in the teaser. The actor was reprising his role for the reboot, but sadly passed away in September. Writing on Instagram a few days after his death, Parker said: “It’s been unbearable. Sometimes silence is a statement. Of the gravity. The anguish. The magnitude of the loss of a 30+ year friendship.”

And Just Like That will premiere on HBO Max on December 9. You can watch the teaser below, and revisit Samantha Jones Public Relations’ rival SATC spin-off pitch here.