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David Lynch

David Lynch is releasing an old short film as a collection of NFTs

Titled I Touch a Red Button Man, the film originally accompanied Interpol’s 2010 single ‘Lights’

David Lynch is no stranger to alternate planes of existence, and now he’s officially entering the metaverse. More specifically, the Twin Peaks filmmaker is revisiting his 2011 collaboration with Interpol — which saw him illustrate the band’s song “Lights” with a short film, I Touch a Red Button Man — for a new series of NFTs.

Appropriately dubbed the “Lynch X Interpol” project, the series of eight non-fungible tokens joins Lynch’s “engrossing animations” with newly-recorded, stripped-down versions of “Lights”. I Touch a Red Button Man originally made its debut ten years ago, during the band’s set at Coachella in 2011.

“To be frank, Interpol is crazy about David Lynch,” says Paul Banks, frontman of the New York band, in a statement. “And we are over the moon to have ever been able to align our name with his in an artistic forum.”

“Humbly, we believe that as digital artifacts go, these are worthy of preservation in the infinite digital realm.”

The NFTs — developed in collaboration with HIFI Labs and distributed via SuperRare — are up for grabs in a series of auctions on a dedicated “Lynch X Interpol” website. Via the site’s 3D gallery feature, fans can also add their own creative touches to one of the pieces, which is set to be given away for free to one of the contributors.