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Via Instagram/@cupcakkeafreakk

CupcakKe and Tiffany Pollard to host new show from the makers of Slag Wars

Titled Hot Haus, the reality show will enlist queer sex workers and NSFW content creators to compete for the title of the ‘Next Queer Sex Symbol’

A new show from the creative team behind the queer reality TV series Slag Wars is set to document a series of “titillating challenges” designed to discover the “Next Queer Sex Symbol”. Titled Hot Haus, the show is also set to be hosted by two sex-positive icons, namely the rapper CupcakKe and TV personality Tiffany Pollard (of I Love New York and Flavor of Love).

Produced by queer production company DaddyTV, and set to air on OutTV in autumn 2021, Hot Haus will specifically act as a platform for a new generation of “queer sex workers and sex-positive content creators”. This will include workers rarely featured in mainstream TV, such as OnlyFans creators and other adult performers. 

“As soon as I heard what this show stood for, owning your sexuality and talent, I knew I had to be involved,” says CupcakKe, who will be making her TV hosting debut. “That’s what I’ve built my whole career on and being able to pay it forward to young queer people means so much to me.”

Talking about the project with Rolling Stone, Pollard says: “I know what it feels like to have people make assumptions about your life or your sexuality or whatever… The people we’re casting are all sexual — and I want to give them the chance to tell their own story.”

“I’ve been doing this work for a lot of years and I’ve never let other people define me. That’s the energy I want to bring to this show.”

“Sex workers, sex educators, and sexy content creators are all still marginalized and actively deplatformed and denied safe, legal, working environments,” adds showrunner Topher Cusamano. “With Hot Haus, we’re trying to remove some of that stigma and amplify all of the beauty, diversity, and talent that comes from queer, sex-positive creators.”

The show has recently started the casting process, with CupcakKe throwing out a call for “LGBT icons” that want to take part on social media.