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Kyle Maclachlan on TikTok
Via TikTok (@kyle_maclachlan)

Diane, it’s 2021 and Kyle MacLachlan is bringing Twin Peaks to TikTok

The actor marked Twin Peaks Day with a series of very endearing videos

Wednesday (February 24) marked the annual celebration of the day Agent Cooper arrived in the town of Twin Peaks back in 1989 – affectionately known as Twin Peaks Day. Last year, Kyle MacLachlan celebrated by joining TikTok and lip-syncing his iconic entrance on the show. This year, the actor returned to the platform to duet fans’ Twin Peaks-inspired videos.

In one clip, MacLachlan shows off his merch from the cult David Lynch series; in another, he reacts to a freshly baked cherry pie; and in one, he sips coffee while another user lip-syncs the scene where Cooper reacts to his “damn fine cup of coffee”. In his final video from the day, MacLachlan joins a TikTok trend by asking fans to “tell me you’re a Twin Peaks fan without telling me you’re a Twin Peaks fan”.

Lynch also marked the day by giving it a shoutout in his daily weather report on YouTube. He said: “This morning I was thinking about the fact that this is a day to celebrate the great fans of Twin Peaks.”

In April, MacLachlan hosted a virtual Twin Peaks viewing party to mark the show’s 30th anniversary. “I’ve been noticing that some of you have been watching and rewatching, and some discovering for the first time Twin Peaks,” he said in a video shared on Twitter, “so I thought why don’t we set up a time when we can watch your favourite episode together.”

The mystery drama first aired in April 1990, and ran until June 1991. The show was revived for a third season in 2017, honouring protagonist Laura Palmer’s promise that she would see Agent Cooper again “in 25 years”.

Speaking to Dazed ahead of its return, MacLachlan said: “It’s always fantastic to be a part of something that’s going to stand the test of time.”

In November, Lynch revealed that he’s working on a new Netflix series, with the working title Wisteria. Filming is reportedly set to start in May this year, and will partly take place at California’s Calvert Studios, where some of the Twin Peaks revival was shot. There’s no news on plot or casting yet.

Watch some of MacLachlan’s Twin Peaks Day TikToks below.


I’m challenging you to duet or stitch this video and use the hashtag ##TwinPeaksDay so I can see your replies. Maybe I’ll share yours soon!

♬ Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental) - Angelo Badalamenti

#duet with @thewoodmother couldn’t agree more ☕️👍 #twinpeaks day

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#duet with @wxtwcf1 Arguably the best way to celebrate #TwinPeaks Day 😋

♬ Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental) - Angelo Badalamenti

#duet with @td1420 of these things might be from the Black Lodge. 🤔#TwinPeaks Day

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