Courtesy of Faboo TV

Faboo TV is the show bringing the mayhem of queer nightlife to our screens

The YouTube series invites viewers into an alternate reality of beauty, fashion, art, and performance – think Blue Peter meets Eurotrash with a touch of The Big Breakfast

A new online culture show has just launched and it aims to bring “your favourite acts, looks, and sounds of the UK's queer nightlife to your television screens.” Faboo TV – which began as a club night – evolved into a YouTube show when the pandemic all-but decimated the queer club spaces, denying the queer community these crucial opportunities for self-expression, connection, and collective celebration. Faboo TV promises its viewers a reclamation of that “radical joy” that’s been so elusive since the onset of coronavirus.

The show’s creators – Jeanie Crystal (founder of Harpies strip club), Josh Quinton (DJ from the duo, Disco Smack), and Jack Appleyard (a founding member of Charles Jeffrey’s LOVERBOY label) – describe the project as an antidote to this “intense period of isolation in a world full of illogical oligarchs and universal confusion.” Crystal adds, ​“Think EuroTrash meets Blue Peter with a touch of The Big Breakfast.” 

Each episode opens with presenter ​Zooey Gleaves ​(aka ​Lagoon Femshayma) welcoming an eclectic line-up of guests into the “Fabooudoir”, and introducing viewers to the platform’s unique take on performance, fashion, art, and new visions of beauty. Also, expect to encounter “The Fabooettes” (the show's in-house dance troupe) and ​“The Faboo Magical Mystery Tour​”( a guide to the cultural goings-on occurring beyond the confines of the M25). “Yes, things do happen outside of London!” says Quinton, “Faboo TV shines the spotlight on queer artists who have shunned ‘The Smoke’, stayed local and stayed fabulous whilst adding to the landscape of their hometowns.” 

Take a look through the fabulous gallery above, for a glimpse of Faboo's leading lights. While the trailer, below, gives a glimpse of episode one's joyful escapade through the Faboo universe (the “Fabooniverse”?), including appearances by artist WAJ​ ​Hussain and self-proclaimed “post-drag pop artist” Max Allen​, as well as cameos from designer Josephine Jones​ and ​Princess Julia​. 

Expect future episodes of Faboo TV ​every second Friday of the month at 8 PM GMT ​exclusively on the ​Faboo TV YouTube channel

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