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Nicolas Cage, History of Swear Words
via YouTube/Netflix

Watch a new trailer for Nicolas Cage’s Netflix show on swearing

History of Swear Words will see the actor dive into the etymology and cultural impact of expletives

Earlier this month, Netflix announced a docu-series about swearing, presented by the perfect man for the job: Nicolas Cage. Now, we’ve received a closer look at what to expect in a new trailer for the show, History of Swear Words.

Given that it’s a show about swearing, the trailer is as expletive-laden as you’d expect, opening with Nicolas Cage letting out an elongated cry: “fuuuck” (which also handily sums up the year so far). Across the six-part series, Cage will also explore the etymology and myths surrounding words including “shit”, “bitch”, “dick”, and “pussy”, as well as their pop cultural impact.

The actor won’t be alone in his efforts to unearth the history of curse words, though. Joining him are a team of expert linguists, alongside celebrity guests including Sarah Silverman, Jim Jefferies, Nick Offerman, Joel Kim Booster, and Open Mike Eagle.

History of Swear Words is produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Funny Or Die, and will stream on Netflix from January 5. 

Earlier this year, it was announced that Nicolas Cage is also lined up for a role as the eccentric, ill-fated zoo owner Joe Schreibvogel (AKA Joe Exotic) in an upcoming adaptation of Netflix’s hit show Tiger King.

Watch the new trailer for History of Swear Words below.