Zendaya responds to calls for Quentin Tarantino to cast her in Kill Bill 3

Kill Bill’s Vivica A. Fox suggests that the Euphoria actress would be perfect in the role of Uma Thurman’s new nemesis

In May this year, Vivica A. Fox (aka Vernita Green, Uma Thurman’s nemesis in Kill Bill) appeared to confirm rumours that Quentin Tarantino and Thurman have been talking about a potential third instalment of the franchise. 

Speaking on the potential story of the new film, Fox also suggested that it could revolve around her on-screen daughter, Nikkia, who walks in on the scene of her mother’s death at the hands of Beatrix Kiddo (Thurman), who says that she’ll be waiting if Nikkia ever wants to take revenge.

“I’m really hoping that Vernita Green gets her revenge,” Fox said at the time. “I think they’re waiting for (Vernita’s) daughter to grow up.”

Since then, Fox has also singled out Zendaya as the ideal actress to take on Nikkia in a third Kill Bill film, saying: “How hot would that be? And that would probably green light this project.” Now, Zendaya herself has weighed in, telling Empire: “I was quite honoured that she would say that.”

“Obviously she’s incredible and I’m very flattered that she would think of me.”

Unfortunately though, Zendaya also stops any rumours about her being cast in the role in their tracks (at least for now). “You know, it’s just an idea,” the Euphoria star adds. “The internet kinda takes things and run with it.”

For now, at least we have her appearance in Denis Villeneuve’s forthcoming Dune adaptation to look forward to. Watch the recently-released trailer to see a preview of her role as Chani, which sees her star across from Timothée Chalamet.