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Joe Exotic
via YouTube/Animal Planet

Tiger King’s Joe Exotic will feature in a new Animal Planet documentary

Surviving Joe Exotic picks apart the controversial former zoo-owner’s animal welfare practices

Big cat enthusiast and former zoo owner Joe Exotic has become a cult figure since the airing of Netflix’s Tiger King earlier this year, famed for his wild style and set to be played by none other than Nicolas Cage in an upcoming show.

However, a new Animal Planet documentary aims to explore the more problematic side of Joe Exotic (real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage). Titled Surviving Joe Exotic, the doc will feature some of the animals that managed to “get out” of his zoo, while digging into his animal welfare practices.

A trailer for Surviving Joe Exotic sees the film crew sit down with Exotic himself in May 2018, before he was sentenced to 22 years behind bars for animal abuse and murder-for-hire. 

Besides showing his animals in cramped cages – “It’s a labour of love,” Exotic says, “you really have to love the animals” – it also shows a clip of him shooting at a rooster, seemingly for crowing in the background of his interview. Watch the full preview below.

The show itself is set to premiere July 25.