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Buffy record vinyl Paul mann
artwork by Paul Mann

Buffy’s musical episode is being released on vinyl

‘Once More, With Feeling’ on wax? Yes please

Music was always an important part of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with some daring soundtrack choices and nods to lesser-known indie bands, rather than the usual hits. Probably the most memorable musical moment of the show’s six year run, though, was the fully musical episode, “Once More, With Feeling”, which was probably one of the weirdest TV episodes of all time.

Now fans of the 2001 episode have something to celebrate: as of March 20, it’s coming to vinyl. It’s a definite case of you-didn’t-know-you-wanted-it-until-you-got-it, but now here we are.

The 180 gram vinyl reissue – which is being released by Mondo – will additionally come with liner notes from series creator (and songwriter for the episode) Joss Whedon, and cover art from artist/illustrator Paul Mann.

Mondo record label manager Mo Shafeek sheds a bit of light on the release in a statement. “We’ve been huge fans of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer for decades…” he says. “Our obsession with the musical episode ‘Once More With Feeling’ inadvertently presented a solution to a long standing problem of the best entry point for us to celebrate the brilliantly singular, yet expansive series.”

Get ready for a nostalgia-tinged vampire singalong on March 20, complete with that vinyl crackle.