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Antoni Porowski in Don’t Watch This
A still from the new horror anthology Don’t Watch ThisCourtesy of Netflix

See Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski channel American Psycho in a new thriller

From cook to killer

OK, we all need to stop joking that Antoni Porowski can’t cook because there’s a new Netflix teaser out and he looks like he’s ready to stab the haters.

Porowski, also known as the snack who teaches people to make snacks on Queer Eye, will be making an appearance in a new horror anthology without the Fab Five. A promo for Don’t Watch This sees the chef emulate Christian Bale in American Psycho. While wiping blood off a knife he tells viewers: “I don’t care whether they like what I cook or not, they’ll eat it if they know what’s good for them.”

So we just want to make it very clear: we take back all the things we said. We love avocados. Avocados are a very complicated fruit, and anyone proficient in avocado salad-making deserves a Michellin star.

The short clip (aptly named Antoni Psycho) also sees the chef works out in his underwear in a greek yoghurt based face mask he says he makes each morning “as part of his daily ritual”. 

Watch the creepy clip below.

Don't Watch This drops on Netflix today (October 31)