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Bachelor Vietnam lesbian couple
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Love is real: these two women left The Bachelor for each other

In some rare good news for 2018, the contestants on the Vietnamese edition of the show are giving hope to the country’s LGBTQ people

A few weeks back, a truly pure moment from The Bachelor Vietnam went viral after one female contestant declared her love for another. To the gay sadness of many, it was revealed that contestant Truc Nhu had decided to stay in the show rather than leave with Minh Thu, who made the shock (and, judging by this video of the producers’ reactions, totally unscripted) announcement.

But there’s good news – the relationship is still on. In an interview, the couple has explained that Truc Nhu remained in the show to give them some time to figure out if their feelings were genuine. According to the translation skills of one Redditor: “They wanted to make sure their feelings weren’t just a misconception of love because they are so close in the Bachelor share house. She stayed on for two more eps and asked to leave the show saying ‘She already found what she was looking for and it’s waiting for her at home’”. WHOLESOME!

Further proof is on their respective Facebook pages, where the couple feature in cute pictures together (although do not appear to have listed each other as partners).

According to Equaldex, in Vietnam, being gay is legal and conversion therapy is banned – however, there are no specific laws offering LGBTQ+ people protection against discrimination, and marriage is not possible for same-sex couples.

Unsurprisingly, Truc Nhu and Minh Thu’s relationship has been met with enthusiasm from Vietnamese LGBTQ+ people. “This gives me so much hope as a Vietnamese closeted queer,” the Redditor added after their translation. “I’m so glad to see our society is much more open and accepting than it used to be.” Another was optimistic that their family would take note: “I’m just hoping my parents get to see this one day and realise that I'm not going to just grow out of it or that it’s a sickness that they could’ve stopped.”