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Crace Jones at Studio 54 via YouTube

Watch the debaucherous, dazzling trailer for a Studio 54 doc

A new documentary explores New York’s home of fashion icons, rockstars, and Hollywood A-listers during the 70s

Sex was in the air, mattresses lined the basement, and drugs flowed freely, Studio 54 was an adult amusement park and the likes of Andy Warhol, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Taylor, and Mick Jagger would frequently turn up for a ride.

The New York mega club was founded in 1977 by Brooklyn entrepreneurs Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, after they spent some $400,000 repurposing and renovating the space which was originally built as an opera house in 1927.

A forthcoming documentary, directed by Matt Tyrnauer, includes extensive interviews with Schrager himself as well as countless partygoers, friends of Schrager, and regular Studio 54 attendees. It offers a chronicling of the rise and demise of one of the world’s most famous nightclubs in unrivalled detail.

Studio 54 was home to countless exotic tales of drug and alcohol fuelled debauchery involving the world’s social elite. Donald and Ivana Trump apparently attended while a 30 strong mass orgy took place just outside, Bianca Jagger once rode a white horse across the dancefloor and a gatecrasher lost their life after trying to sneak in through an air-vent.

It’s due for release on June 15. Watch the wild new trailer below: