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You can watch these out-there films for free in London this week

We've teamed up with the ICA to showcase and support budding young filmmakers

It’s not easy starting out as a young filmmaker in a fiercely competitive climate, however a new generation of filmmakers has risen, and they're not afraid of tackling the dark corners of society. In partnership with Dazed, the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts London) has selected 300 promising homegrown filmmakers whose work spans every aspect of modern life.

If you’re tired of derivative blockbusters and lazy sequels, you can head to Playback Film Festival, a free showcase running between 21-25 March to catch viewings of snappy and experimental shorts. Using a range of devices from spoken word and hand-drawn animations, the up-and-coming filmmakers tackle hard-hitting issues like homelessness or hopelessness in Calais while others add light and humour to everyday chicken shop conversations and gothic fantasies.

The Playback Film Festival is the culmination of a project that has been going on for three years, and the first time the output will be screened together in one place. In partnership with the programme, Dazed has also commissioned filmmakers Diyala Muir, James Cooper and Comfort Adeneye, with Cooper's piece spotlighted right here. In his hypnotizing imagery, he shows a young male dancer approached by an older man to perform for him in private.

As well as screenings, budding filmmakers can take masterclasses taught by established experts. They’ll give first-hand advice on how to write scripts, get films commissioned, how to market yourself or most importantly – how to make money.

Read more about the Playback Film Festival & Exhibition, open 21-25 March at ICA London