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#WokeCharlotte: the meme clapping back at dated Sex and the City moments

Turns out Bunny was racist, Carrie was classist, and Samantha was transphobic – but this meme puts a twist on the naive Charlotte character

Look, people are woke now and if you’re not then expect to be cancelled. Those are the really weird rules.

We started this year with worldwide protest, so 12 months in there’s no room for sitting on the fence politically – even in pop culture. While the list of films you can no longer watch grows as Hollywood is exposed as a breeding ground for perverts, there are other movies and shows that have just dated badly.

Unfortunately, this includes Sex and the City, which was so forward-thinking at the time and let’s be honest, is still great and can’t be cancelled. It’s still witty sex-positive and set the bar for multi-dimensional female leads but like every single thing in the world, it’s not without its problematic moments. Enter Woke Charlotte memes, which are remixing the series’ most dated moments of dialogue via the most earnest and typically naive friend in the group of four, Charlotte York.

The format is as follows: someone says something quite fucked up about race, gender or sexuality, something that wouldn’t fly today, then Charlotte steps in to check those around her for their casual ignorance. Posts have covered Samantha’s transphobic language and complete lack of awareness as she gentrifies the meatpacking district, and the man Charlotte is sleeping with in the infamous “you fucking bitch you fucking whore” episode.

The memes appear to have been started by the superb Every Outfit on Sex and the City Instagram. Luckily the protagonists – all middle class, heterosexual white women with stable jobs and lovely homes – have left us with a lot of ammo for this to really take off.

Other moments that need to be memed: When Carrie compares the tension between married and single people to the troubles in Northern Ireland. Or when Samantha dates a black guy and brags about his “big black cock”. When his sister (an angry black woman stereotype) disapproves of Samantha and her “little white pussy”, she tells his sister to get her “big black ass” out of her face and disses the okra dish she served earlier. Carries voiceover then calls Samantha’s date a “little black pussy”.

Charlotte isn’t in these scenes to restore order but we can just pretend. For now, look at the ones we already have for inspiration: