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A new website helps you avoid films by alleged sexual predators

It’s a no for Home Alone 2

2017 was the year we learned just how endemic sexual abuse is in Hollywood. After the allegations against Kevin Spacey, it’s impossible not to feel a bit icky when watching House of Cards or Baby Driver, and Harvey Weinstein is disgustingly ever-present across the major mainstream film landscape. With so many movies tied up with alleged sexual predators, is it possible to boycott their output to make for more ethical viewing?

A new website Rotten Apples lets you check if a film has an alleged sexual abuser or harassment in front or behind the camera. Type in the name of a film and it will tell you if any of the cast or crew have been accused of sexual misconduct. The sleek design and vast database (you’ll struggle to find a film that’s not on there) make avoiding the work of abusive men easier than ever. The website provides a link to a credible news source and a story on the allegations for you to investigate further.

Sites with reportedly no sexual predators involved get the ‘Fresh Apples’ reccommendation, like Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird. Though when giving a Fresh Apples rating, the site implores anyone with information to the contrary on any film to contact them.

With assault allegations continuing to come thick and fast, Rotten Apples helps you keep up with which Hollywood bigwigs have been accused of assault. We all know about Harvey Weinstein, but did you know his brother Bob has also been accused of sexual harassment after strongly condemning Harvey’s behaviour and taking control of the Weinstein Company? Allegations against Geoffrey Rush and the recent case of Bryan Singer are on there too. Obvious names like Roman Polanski, Woody Allen and Casey Affleck are all present and correct, although perhaps the allegations of domestic abuse against Johnny Depp deserved a mention too.

Though it’s totally up to you if you can separate art from the alleged crimes of the artist, Rotten Apples allows you to make an informed decision and to stop blindly consuming the output of potential sexual predators.

Check out Rotten Apples for yourself.