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Nasir Mazhar A/W11

Again focused on reworking the shape of the classic baseball cap, the headwear designer's new collection will be the first for mens

For A/W11, headwear designer Nasir Mazhar presented his first ever collection for men. Following six seasons of women's headpieces, his newest collection now focuses on his reinvention of the baseball cap with his unique signature peak detailling applied to variations in black, red, orange leopard print and zebra prints whilst Russian-style winter hats were also shown. Mazhar has also collaborated with Kay Symons this season for a debut collection of leather bags, as shown as part of Nasir Mazhar’s on-schedule presentation as part of NEWGEN last weekend.

Dazed Digital: What was the attraction of the baseball cap for you?
Nasir Mazhar: It's a key item in street uniform. I always wore one and was bored of everyone having the same style so I decided to make my own style.

DD: How do you think the reworked shapes will translate for everyday wear?
Nasir Mazhar: Real easy.

DD: Who would be your ideal man to dress/accessorise/put hats on?
Nasir Mazhar: Snoop Dogg but if it were a woman it would be the one and only Lil Kim Queen B

DD: What was the main ethos behind the new collection?
Nazir Mazhar: To make new wearable headwear and accessories for boys without making them look like femme fashion queens.

DD: What's next?
Nasir Mazhar: To keep adding new ranges to the collection. Hats, bags maybe sunglasses next and gloves. Maybe menswear clothing. I'll see after this collection is over.