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Adam Kimmel x Carhartt

We talk to the NYC-based designer as he takes on the all-American workwear label in his first ever collaborative collection

Adam Kimmel, the acclaimed New Yorker whose understated and luxurious collections has impressed since the label's 2004 incarnation, has launched his first design collaboration. And what a brand he chose to get involved with! US workwear giant Carhartt has been around since 1889, and has defined what casual yet durable Americana style means. Kimmel, of course, aims for a similar aesthetic, but from a more modern and high end fashion angle, which is why the match is one made in heaven. Dazed spoke to Kimmel about the adventure...

Dazed Digital: What attracted you to Carhartt?
Adam Kimmel:
Carhartt is the ultimate American heritage brand, and at its heart it’s a workwear label. The quality and durability of their products are amazing, and those are considerations that have been paramount to my own designs from the beginning. So this chance to work together has been something of a dream of mine..
DD: Have you been a fan yourself for long?
Adam Kimmel:
I've been wearing the brand since I was 10.
DD: What are the similarities/differences between AK and Carhartt?
Adam Kimmel:
Workwear could be found in all of my collections—like the jumpsuit which was inspired in part by the uniform of painters and mechanics. And as I said durability and wearability are also big staples of mine. I’ve always appreciated clothes that you can wear everyday, and I think both my brand and Carhartt supply that. While the AK product is handmade in Italy using very high-end fabric, the Adam Kimmel/Carhartt collection is made in Carhartt workwear facilities. The price point will be somewhere between Carhatt’s and my own.
DD: What is your favourite piece from the collection?
Adam Kimmel:
I love the artist workcoat in indigo moleskin, lined with a super-soft brushed cotton twill.
DD: Have you collaborated with other brands before?
Adam Kimmel:
No. This is the first.
DD: Do you see the collab as a compliment to the full AK collection?
Adam Kimmel:
I see it as a complimentary extension at a more affordable price. It’s also an opportunity to widen the audience for both of us.
DD: Why do you think Carhartt wanted to work with you?
Adam Kimmel:
I think they could tell I was a true fan. They also knew that I would be very respectful and mindful of the heritage, as well as delivering designs that stayed in check with the masculinity of the brand.

DD: What's next for you?
Adam Kimmel:
I am doing a show in Paris for my new collection on the 20th of January.