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BAPE x Dr Martens

The classic Japanese streetwear brand have collaborated with boot makers Dr. Martens on a new line of saddle shoes

We know that Nigo's A Bathing Ape is interested in reinterpreting and working together with everything and everyone that is all American. But it seems, as this latest BAPE collaboration shows, that Nigo is also into a quintessentially British aesthetics. Together with Tet from fellow Japanese fashion brand WTAPS, Nigo have worked with legendary boot brand Dr Martens on an exclusive heritage style. The result, a saddle shoe, was made popular by teenage 'Bobby Soxers' in the 50s, and the shoe - which now comes in three different colour combinations - has been given a new lease of life in BAPE's Ursus line. We chatted briefly to WTAPS' Tet about the collaboration...

Dazed Digital: What is it with Dr Martens that you like?
The model I like most is the 8-10 hole. Forever. Because they're neither too rough nor too elegant, they're sexy.

DD: How does the brand mentality of DM's fit with BAPE?
Tet: Because in this case it's under my direction.

DD: Do you remember your first pair of DMs
Tet: 10 hole, oxblood.

DD: Why did you chose this particular style of DM
Tet: Saddle shoes are standard and trad - boring. However, saddle shoes made by Dr Martens is an interesting twist, isn't it?

DD: Explain the inspiration behind the design?
Tet: Meaning saddle shoes, or...? In the broadest meaning of your question: the design is neatly organized.

DD: What's next for you and BAPE?
Tet: It isn't easy for standard items to be considered "fashion", but I work by putting a twist on items which are considered ordinary.

Buy the shoe HERE from January 2011