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Ground Wave S/S11

The Next Generation duo mixed natural fabrics with hi-tech materials for its monochrome Seoul Fashion Week show

Generation Next is the South Korean forum for new and exciting design talent. Ground Wave, a duo compromising of Kim Sun Ho and Park Jung Eun, was one of the standout participants. Having already showcased in both Italy and Paris, the brand showed a focused and inspirational collection, mixing traditional fabrics with more hi tech ones. Often Ground Wave fused the two in the same garment, making a mere wool jacket into a hybrid of futuristic material technology and more traditional sartorial values. Using grey, black and off white, Ground Wave formed its aesthetic vision trough asymmetric cuts and sliced jackets. Draped in nylon, loose silhouettes might have dominated, but the casual tailoring oozed modernity and made for a sharp and tight result.

Dazed Digital: What was your inspiration?
Ground Wave: Ancient Greece. The clothing in those times were very draped and I was looking towards their way of wearing clothes, the way it hung on their bodies.

DD: The fabrics were interesting; you seemed to mix natural and hi tech ones…
Ground Wave: Yes, we combined natural fabrics, like linen, with artificial ones because I like the combination.

DD: Any favourite pieces in the show?
Ground Wave: The linen coat with attached fabric that looks like wings…

DD: You used very sombre colours – no loud ones for summer?
Ground Wave: We prefer natural colours that are toned down. It allows us to focus more on the cut, shapes and fabrics than colours…