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Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Womenswear S/S11

JCDC took us on a Tropika Airlines flight to the jungle

Travelling and getting away to a sunnier and relaxed clime has been riffed against in all directions from almost all designers but of course only Jean-Charles de Castelbajac could take the journey to another level where Felix the Cat pops up next to Le Petit Prince motifs. The patch-pocket shirt and neutrals that still persist this season were first translated into airline hostess outfits that were decided demure for JCDC but then again, he has been finding a solution to marrying his penchant for the cartoonish with a more wearable proposition, which manifests here. Tunics depicting the cover of 'Vol de Nuit' night flight make for comfy clothes suited to curling up in flight in (we're assuming we're in first class on JCDC's airline). Then we arrive at our destination and we're in an ambiguous jungle where a camouflage print with a tiger worked into it pops up. Felix the Cat then also makes an appearance with his face on the shoulders of primary bright dresses or in a kanga fabric. The final portion of showstopper dresses sees JCDC turning to Oscar attire with satin gowns adorned with 'Ceci ne pas une robe du soir' and a sequinned Tour Eiffel, back to Paris from the jungle.

Dazed Digital: Why the topic of travel and voyage?
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac:
Designers today have to make you travel. You don't just travel through the internet. I always do a collection building images - to build a story, I need good music, this time I had The Shoes. I wanted this electro tropical feeling. I wanted this mix of Bladerunner feeling with the neon lights with something like a marine bar in Jamaica. In the clothes, I wanted to show how nations and people together can produce the best.

DD: Why did Le Petit Prince pop up?
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac:
My father was a friend of xxx so I've always been taken with this story so it was my purpose to approach Africa through the desert. Petit Prince was my ambassador to go on the planet on the desert. I went to the desert and then to the jungle.

DD: Where Felix the Cat showed up?
Jean-Charles de Castelbajac:
Felix is a black cat - he's living in Africa. He's a bad boy, he's like a hip hop man. So it's all my universe there combined in the show.