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Patrik Ervell Menswear S/S11

Scattered beige and pink tones influenced by old buildings in 80s California inject some nostalgia into the new line

A California-born Swede living in New York City. Quite the combination, don’t you think? And Patrik Ervell’s S/S11 collection had a little of all three those elements in it; the preppy NYC look, Swedish minimalism and the LA-esque nonchalance of Bret Easton Ellis books about life on the US west coast. Ervell’s models stomped around on a bed of Financial Times newspapers, surrounded by a beautiful view of the Hudson River bathing in September sun.

Belted jackets and coats impressed and so did white soled shoes and back packs. All in all, Ervell managed to perfectly capture that coveted casual smart look that makes you look like a million dollar and like you’ve just picked your clothes up from the floor when you got dressed in the morning. Buttoned up shirts, some in stripes, and anoraks continued Ervell’s flirtation with scando style, but – in a collection dominated by sombre shades of brown, beige and navy – there was a few pinkish colour injections.

Dazed Digital: What was the red thread going through the collection?
Patrik Ervell: I never just have one source of inspiration, sort like ‘this season I was inspired by this’, for me it’s more about working around American sportswear. And I like working around one particular fabric each season.

DD: What was it for S/S11?
Patrik Ervell: Horse hair braid, woven from the horse’s mane and tail. It was in the shoelaces, the belts and the rucksack straps. It’s extremely tough, masculine and durable. It’s often hand woven but of course we have repurposed it and use it a sportswear context.

DD: It’s very much a casual smart look, I think, but how would you define it?
Patrik Ervell: I think of it as sportswear, but I don’t like clothes that have to insist on their status, I prefer them neutral. In a way that’s kinda Swedish and sort of unusual in the fashion industry because this business is so much about status seeking clothing. It’s classic but forward pushing menswear.

DD: Where did the pink colour tones come from?
Patrik Ervell:
I grew up in 80s California and there was a lot of these post modernistic colours around in clothing and buildings. It was kinda perverse, ugly in a way, but there’s something about it that I like.

DD: Favourite piece in the show?
Patrik Ervell: I like the pullover jackets with zips and horse hair belts around the waist.