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Photography Sharif Hamza

J.W. Anderson Womenswear A/W 10-11

The rising star of menswear takes on a womens' counterpart

With a punk-influenced menswear line for A/W '10 billed as “Saints or assassins with a cross-country paramilitary vibe”, the Irish designer has applied his design skills to his first womenswear collection. With a dark edge, Anderson has taken fine sheer mesh, knits and soft jerseys in romantic colours, subtle and subdued, adding studded belts for a gothic hint. Dazed Digital speak to J.W. Anderson about what inspired his first collection for women.

Dazed Digital: What triggered your move over to womenswear?
J.W. Anderson: A lot of stocklists that I had for menswear, had a lot of customers requesting for womenswear. And for the menswear I had always taken inspiration from womenswear, so it was a natural progression.

DD: What were the inspirations for the collection?
J.W. Anderson: If was taken from the same as the mens, which was to do with love, but for the womens colection it was all about the idea that she had borrowed her clothes from her boyfriend or lover.

DD: What you think are the links between mens and womenswear?
J.W. Anderson: I think it's important in both masculine and feminine approaches that's all about to do with attraction.

DD: What do you think you bring to womens fashion?
J.W. Anderson: As I have always looked at womesnwear in my menswear collection, to then apply this back into women's fashion offers a unique approach to how masculinity can be used in womenswear.