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Acne and Armchairs

Acne's Jonny Johansson announces the launch of their first furniture collection.

As expected, minimal jeans label Acne stick to the feel of their clothing collections with pale neutral colours, clean lines and non fussy fabrics on their first furniture line. Speaking about the new line, Acne Creative Director Johnny Johansson says “Furniture has always been my world and it is my history as a designer, where I began creatively.”

Influenced by Carl Malmsten the Swedish furniture designer's Nya Berlin (New Berlin) Sofa as an archetypical reference, Acne developed a new line of homewares playing with proportion, lineage and structure – changing the simplistic shape to create new sculptural forms. Of course made in denim, their most famous heritage, they treated the upholstery in the same way they approach their jeans – by washing, bleaching and hand-dying the pieces to create bespoke finishes.

For the launch of their first furniture line at Hotel Pozzo di Borgo (the old apartments of Mr Karl Lagerfed), they saw guests like Kim Jones, Princess Alexandria of Denmark, Francesco Vezzoli, and Olivier Zahm in tow to celebrate.