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Wooyoungmi AW23 campaign
Wooyoungmi AW23 campaignCourtesy of Wooyoungmi

Wooyoungmi opens new store in Paris on iconic Rue Saint-Honoré

As the second store in the fashion capital, the opening introduces Wooyungmi as the first South Korean brand in the area

Renowned South Korean fashion brand Wooyoungmi has taken its global presence to new heights with the grand opening of its Paris second flagship store.

Led by CEO, creative director and founder Madame Woo, this milestone opening adds yet another chapter to the brand’s rich history. In 2003, Wooyoungmi became the first brand from South Korea to enter Paris Men’s Fashion Week, and became known for intricately detailed and architectural menswear designs. In 2013, Wooyoungmi opened its first flagship store in the youthful area of Le Marais. Now, 20 years later, the brand’s legacy continues as it becomes the first South Korean brand to set up shop in the renowned fashion district, Rue Saint-Honoré.

True to Wooyoungmi’s design philosophy, the flagship store embodies sleek modernity and understated luxury. The interior design is consistent with the brand’s global aesthetic, creating a serene ambiance that caters to the needs of every customer.

At the heart of this new store, a captivating centrepiece awaits: the ear. Crowned with a glossy finish of Wooyoungmi’s signature deep ruby red,  this remarkable motif commands attention and underscores the brand’s audacious uniqueness. Conceptually, the ear signifies the desire and ability to listen. In an era marked by the global rise of South Korean culture, it symbolises the country is listening to the world’s heartbeat and pulse.

Wooyoungmi’s flagship store is a study in harmony. The colour palette is intentionally restrained, featuring four shades: silver, black, white, and of course, red. This careful selection promotes cohesion between the products, tableware, and the central motif. To ensure uniform lighting and an immersive shopping experience, Barrisol lighting fixtures grace the ceiling, maintaining consistent illumination throughout the store. This attention to detail underscores Wooyoungmi’s commitment to delivering a holistic and visually pleasing shopping environment.

Wooyoungmi’s new store can be found at 4 Rue du Marché Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris