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John Kacere, Kacere
KacereCourtesy of IDEA

Snag a tome of Kacere’s obsessive, hyperreal lingerie paintings

Plus Paolina Russo’s optical illusions at DSM, Chopova Lowena’s new book launch... at DSM, and other fashion news you might have missed

Artists have been using clothes as a reference point since time immemorial, and it’s no surprise that some of their most striking (and controversial) images are indebted to lingerie, from the work of contemporary artists like Arvida Byström or Anna Weyant, all the way back to the likes of Egon Schiele. There’s fantasising about lingerie, though, and then there’s John Kacere. For some 30 years, the American artist painted nothing but women in their underwear – specifically, their midsections, from the waist to the lower thigh – in his pioneering photorealist artworks, and it gained him a cult following, including a significant shoutout at Christopher Kane’s SS18 show.

Started in the mid-60s, the artist’s series of obsessive, larger-than-life erotic artworks was also documented in a 1995 book titled Kacere, published in Japan. IDEA describes it as “the best looking book in the world”, and luckily for us, the bookseller finally has a few copies in stock. In other words, if you’re looking for masterful renditions of intricate lace falling over a ribcage, yellow silk puckered into a bum crack, and sheer knickers with caging that digs into soft, hyperreal flesh (paging Michaela Stark), click here.

In other news, Maison Margiela has brought its Americana-tinged Cinema Inferno art installation to Tokyo, France is set to pay its citizens to repair their clothes rather than chucking them into landfill, and Maccapani – the recently-launched label from fashion royalty Margherita Missonilanded in London. Flick through the gallery below for more.