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Maison Margiela Co-Ed 2023
Photography Cris Fragkou

Margiela’s fiery fugitive lovers Count & Hen are getting a new exhibition

Taking over a cinema in Tokyo, the show continues the narrative of Galliano’s Americana-tinged psycho-drama Cinema Inferno

Maison Margiela first introduced the world to its cinematic performance piece Cinema Inferno at its Artisanal 2022 show. Telling the story of star-crossed lovers Count and Hen and their ill-fated roadtrip across the Arizona desert, a cast of models including Karen Elson and Karlie Kloss dashed about the stage of a Parisian theatre, as stage hands and camera men dashed about between them capturing it all. 

Since then, creative director John Galliano has been keen to revisit his Americana-tinged drama and build upon the world he created. At the Margiela 2023 Co-Ed show earlier this year, guests entered an installation which allowed them to get up-close to the looks and props via costumed mannequins and a convertible car hung from the ceiling, before the offering itself expanded on the original collection and conjured up a whole new cast of supporting characters. 

Now, in celebration of Margiela’s new Tokyo boutique opening on August 10, the fashion house has brought its art installation to Shibuya for a limited edition haute couture exhibition. Teased on Instagram, the show takes the shape of an old-style cinema, featuring a customised “Now showing: Cinema Inferno” letter board, neon signs, and rows of movie theatre seats with mannequin replicas of the runaway couple dispersed throughout. 

Through multi-disciplinary displays, the installation illustrates the story and visual themes of Cinema Inferno,” stated the brand on Instagram, while explaining that the installation will showcase the film in full. “It stages a continuation of the narrative, which was conceived by creative director John Galliano alongside the collection and the installation.” 

Hidden among fantasy crime scenes of crashed cars, detectives, and leather-clad cowboys are looks incorporating black feather dresses paired with bunny ear hats, sparkling suiting and leather opera gloves, Wizard of Oz-esque gowns, and floral witches hats. If you are lucky enough to be in Tokyo across the next two weeks, it is a must-see.

The installation is open to the public until August 15, from 11am to 8pm at Parkway Square 2 in Shibuya. Reserve your slot here, and revisit Maison Margiela’s Co-Ed 2023 collection in the gallery above.