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Street style: Milan Fashion Week SS24 menswear
Photography Yu Fujiwara

Photos of the fashion freaks on the fringes of Milan Fashion Week

Yu Fujiwara captures the boldest looks from the Milanese streets at the SS24 menswear shows

TextJames GreigPhotographyYu Fujiwara

Milan is a solemn, dignified city, and it conjures up certain images. You probably picture a wealthy industrialist’s wife, sighing in a Versace gown, as a love affair turns to ashes and her life disintegrates – but chicly! You might envision an ageing mafioso in a sombre Armani suit, sipping an espresso and thinking back to that one blissful summer on the Amalfi coast, before it all went wrong.

What you *don’t* imagine is assless jorts. Streetwear inspired by ecstasy and happy hardcore. Kilts and rubber mules in the shape of frogs. BDSM-inflected leather and chains. Perhaps most shocking of all, someone with green hair. Make no mistake: this ain’t your granddaddy’s Milanese fashion. In light of this, we sent our roving photographer Yu Fujiwara to capture the best and most unexpected dressers from the SS24 edition of Milan Fashion Week. Click through the gallery above to see our latest street-style dispatch.