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Diesel X NTS rave in Rome
Photography Clara Borrelli x Visioni Parallele

Sweat-slicked photos of Rome’s tourist-trash ravers

Hundreds of young Italians piled into Diesel and NTS’ rave in rhinestoned caps and belts strapped across their boobs

Tourist tat caps encrusted with rhinestones, belts piled over breasts Jodie Marsh-style, cropped Union Jack halternecks, and cargo mini-skirts: hundreds of young Italians piled into Diesel’s free rave in Rome last weekend where a mix of global and local talent (including Lorenzo Senni, Evissimax, Pandora’s Jukebox, Qursarina, and John Glacier) took to the stage. Backdropped by Giorgia Meloni’s draconian anti-rave ban, it was a rare moment for Italian club collectives to perform without risk of imprisonment. As an alternative to luxury fashion, Diesel has spent the last few seasons pushing trash and sleaze onto the catwalk and clubgoers seemed to reflect that in all their denim-effect bustiers, euro-trash knits, and barely-there bodystockings. Click through the gallery above to see the best looks from the night and click here to read our interview with Diesel designer Glenn Martens