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Succession HBO
Courtesy of HBO

Oh dear, HBO has released a Succession-inspired fashion line

...and more fashion news you missed

HBO saw all the tireless conversations happening around “quiet luxury” and thought: ‘If you really want something quite boring and corporate to wear, then please buy this line of synthetic fleece vests’. The showrunners obviously have skin in the game because Succession was the rosebud from which the “stealth wealth” discourse was originally borne. The merch comprises t-shirts, hoodies, rucksacks, and wine glasses, all of which have been emblazoned with the words “Waystar Royco”, referencing the fictional media conglomerate that is, in many ways, the protagonist of the show. See also: Pierpoint & Co. It’s very cool (and not nerdy at all) to watch your favourite TV programme dressed as your favourite TV character. If anything, it’s a bit like how football fans dress up as footballers to watch football – so sweet, and again, very cool! 

In other fashion news this week, Frank Ocean failed to bring his cock rings to Coachella and Louis Vuitton opened an exhibition tracing the relationship between Basquiat and Warhol. For everything else that may have passed you by, click through the gallery below.