Rickey Thompson on Rick Owens, revenge dressing and fashion week cheats

Our latest episode of ‘Off The Rails’ sees the internet star wax lyrical about loving fashion’s dark lord, the skirt that makes him feel like Bella Hadid, and rocking Saint Laurent to the gym

Do these boots turn you on? Booming voice of the internet Rickey Thompson has turned all the world into his runway since his first viral video, now regularly appearing at fashion months from New York to Paris. But how does he make sure he serves while jet-setting, running into his nemesis, and looking for love/lust in the gym? For the second episode of our Off The Rails series, we go deep on what’s in the Swarm actor’s wardrobe. (Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of Rick Owens.)

A fan for a while, the Rick on Rickey action is unsurprising given his devotion to the dark lord of fashion and their shared affinity for the shade of black. Like a goth moth to a flame, Thompson is fully aware colour is rare on his clothes rail. “I would say I really don’t have a favourite colour but black,” he says of his usual uniform, though the gym is a chance for him to play with colours that “complement his skin tone,” and test the functionality of Saint Laurent sneakers while feigning to break a sweat.

Worn under his show pony Guess jeans to casually stunt on his nemesis too, the social media star has clearly branched out from his vocal boots appreciation, but platform Rick Owens and storm weather-appropriate Bottega Veneta puddle boots prove they’re still a footwear staple for him. Pairing the latter with Speedos one time was definitely a choice, though, he admits.

Whether it’s packing the Acne skirt that makes him feel like Bella Hadid for fashion week, loving everything Ludovic de Saint Sernin does, or wearing mesh to be immortalised as modern-day Mona Lisa – take a deep dive into Rickey Thompson’s personal style in our Off The Rails episode above.