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Cardi B celebrity stylist
via Instagram (@iamcardib)

Cardi B is the celebrity stylist the world deserves

Cardi has announced her next venture – she wants to style the stars

If we needed yet another piece of evidence that famous celebs get to have all the nice things, it comes in the form of a Cardi B tweet from the early hours of this morning. “I want to style other celebs”, the Bronx rapper posted to her 28 million followers, spawning thousands of likes, comments and retweets. She’d come to this conclusion only days after this year’s Grammys ceremony, so chances are she saw some highly questionable looks and thought “you guys are in a crisis. I’m on my way”.

“We wore the same designer”, Selling Sunset’s Chrishelle Strause replied to the tweet, along with a side by side of herself and Cardi in similar Gaurav Gupta gowns. “Style me”, replied Arca, in a manner so direct we can’t tell if it’s a question or a threat. If her own looks are anything to go by, Cardi would make a top-tier celebrity stylist, outfitting anyone rich or famous enough to afford her presumably staggering day rate.

So, what could we expect from Cardi’s styling repertoire? Be prepared for slinky, sexy, temperature defying ensembles (“a hoe never gets cold”, remember?), magical manicures and enough coloured lace fronts to pack out the spare room. Much like her stacked awards cabinet, the Grammy-winner loves a gold plated moment, from her accented Schiaparelli accessories at Paris Fashion Week, her breastplate in the ‘Rumours’ video, that gilded Met Gala Versace gown, and even some medieval Balenciaga boots. If you’re enlisting Cardi’s help, get ready to look like the inside of a bursting bank vault.

But if that’s all a bit too much for you, she’ll have the choice of enlisting any designer you see fit. Since debuting, the bawdy New Yorker has amassed a little black book of the industry’s most iconic names, and in an astonishingly short amount of time. Along with her own stylist, Kollin Carter, Cardi has established unshakeable relationships with heralded designers, most notably the late Thierry Mugler. In a touching tribute on Instagram after his passing, Cardi wrote that “Mr. Mugler was one of the first designers to take a major chance on me, allowing me to wear one of his iconic archive pieces for my Grammy red carpet look in 2019”, before concluding that he was a “true inspiration to all of us”.

But the best thing about becoming a stylist at this point in her career? She’ll bypass all the trials and tribulations that haunt young fashion assistants. No lugging overflowing suitcases to strange locations in foreign lands; no trips to the Selfridges make up counter to find that one specific shade of turquoise nail varnish; she doesn’t even need to worry about whether the hygiene seal is intact on those Calzedonia returns. It’s alright for some. We told you celebs get to have all the nice things – see all their best looks from this year's Grammy's below.

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